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Ruth Maragni - Artist 


Hi, I'm Ruth Maragni.


I'm a professional artist, blogger and farmer.


My artistic medium is acrylics because it's suitable for a variety of surfaces, for both indoor and outdoor use. I paint evocative landscapes, and create handpainted bird baths, decorative terra cotta plates, room panels, glass ornaments, and walls in homes.


My Story:


Throughout my professional life, as a nurse, my home was the canvas for my creative spirit. But becoming an artist was not on the road map...

My journey started June of 2020. Like many things, this was totally an unexpected.  I wanted to make a bird bath for my vegetable garden. One that mirrored the Talavera plaque hanging on my garden shed. So I did... and posted my creation on Facebook. Then my art business took off!!!

My landscapes are rooted in my love of nature. I am blessed to live in a beautiful place. Much of my inspiration comes from my sense of the land, my great love of gardening, farming, and the outdoors. And as a former holistically trained nurse, I understand the healing capacity of nature for the body, mind, and soul. With every landscape I try to convey that calming, healing energy.

I often get asked why the name Marinated Artichoke Creations?

  • Marinated, because creative ideas take time to stew or sit in your mind before they become real.

  • Artichoke, because ART is in the first syllable. Because I love their taste, their classical shape, and their beauty in the garden. Artichokes also symbolize hope, peace and prosperity. 

  • Creations, because I create not only paintings but objects d'art that can be used and lived with.​

    My mission at Marinated Artichoke Creations: Bring joy, beauty, and inspiration into your life.


My greatest pleasure is meeting new clients, like you, and sharing the products of my creative endeavors. I cherish working one on one with my clients. Creating art that will hold special meaning for you, bringing joy and beauty into your homes and gardens.


I hope you will take time to browse my portfolio for ideas and my store to see what is currently available.


If you are interested in discussing a  custom piece of art for your home or garden, please go to my Commissions page for more information or Contact me. 

Please check out my Blog. I hope you will find it inspiring. Please let me know if anything touches you, or there is a topic you would like me to explore.


My personal philosophy: All human beings are creative by nature because the soul craves to create. Art is found in all of life’s endeavors, even the most mundane and trivial.


I hope my website and blog will inspire you, and bring joy and beauty into your life,

  Creatively Yours,



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